About us

At ACTECO, we work hard towards a fully integrated management recycling and recovery process for both hazardous and non hazardous industrial waste. Our plants are involved in all aspects of this process such as equipment hire, waste collection, transportation, storage and conditioning, as well as recycling and recovery, or, where necessary, waste disposal, thus contributing to a circular economy.


We have a strong, strategic presence in Spain with our large capacity, fully equipped transfer plants located in Ibi (Alicante), Naquera (Valencia), Zaragoza and A Coruna, in addition to our logistics operations in Madrid and Barcelona.

In addition to this, our collection and transportation teams provide a fast and efficient service. We are equipped with our own ADR logistic systems which are adapted to every activity.

Alicante, Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Coruña, Ibi, Alcoy, Náquera, Ribarroja, Arteixo, Comunidad Valenciana, Galicia, Cataluña, Aragón, España

Our services

At our premises, we correctly manage any hazardous and non hazardous waste in full compliance of the current legislation, while providing advice in order to obtain all environmental certificates required to successfully complete any audits or inspections. Therefore, our environmental consulting service can provide the ultimate level of support for those that require additional assistance.

Our commitment

We help companies to meet their environmental liability obligations and to project an image to match their commitment towards customers and society in general.

Our social and environmental commitment towards people and nationwide institutions is central to our business, as evidenced by our constant support of R&D+i and our partnerships with technology entities such as AIDIMME, AIMPLAS and AIJU, in addition to our certifications endorsing the quality of our work (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SONY GREEN PARTNER, R&D programme by the Ministry of Industry).

We provide our services across Spain